Solid Waste Management

Finding the balance between people and technology for workable, cost-effective processes and compliance

You may be facing regulation on waste generation at some or all of these levels:

  • Initial generation
  • Proper separation and storage at the generating facility (e.g., house, apartment, factory, retail outlet)
  • Proper transport and treatment
  • Design, construction and operation of solid waste management facilities and associated infrastructure.

Effective regulatory compliance depends on good design, suitable technology choices, targeted policies and clear communication. 

truck off-loading dumpster

Our service

We help you develop both a waste management strategy and the required infrastructure that meet regulatory and policy needs. We can work with you to

  • Describe the waste streams
  • Decide which aspects of waste management to prioritize (for example, “the 4Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover)
  • Incorporate proper design and operating protocols to conform to laws, regulations and overarching principles of environmental sustainability, including waste diversion
  • Find ways you can save money by being efficient and practical.

As waste management professionals, we are well versed in the regulatory landscape and experienced in a wide range of operating practices. Unlike many in the field, however, we combine exceptional engineering skills with a fiscal perspective. We frame our solutions within an understanding of their fiscal impact. Also, in collaboration with colleagues from throughout our firm, we have contributed to integrated solutions for a number of unique and iconic projects. 

Waste management issues are 20% about technology and 80% about people. Our search for excellent solutions is guided not only by engineering judgment but also by reflection on overarching social issues such as global warming, waste reduction, ownership of waste and the impact of waste on communities.