Renewable Energy

Mitigate risks related to renewable energy project design, maximize energy production, decrease costs, and ensure your projects get approved.

The recent changes in our climate mean a dramatic shift towards renewable energy sources – including solar power, wind power, hydropower, battery energy storage, and green hydrogen – is necessary to ensure the success of new development projects. Supporting this energy transition and renewable energy developments requires significant expertise, particularly in climate and environment-related services, such as that which RWDI provides.


The correct identification and accurate assessment of renewable energy sites and projects require extensive resources to be effective and economically viable, including technological innovation and sustainability.  

RWDI’s feasibility studies and strategic evaluations include work for nonprofit organizations, corporations, local governments, and renewable energy project developers.


The capacity to measure and manage the various aspects of risks associated with renewable energy projects is a fundamental difficulty in securing finances at a reasonable cost, making safe investments, or providing insurance for the projects. 

Overcoming this challenge often requires risk assessments in:

  • Structural Risks
  • Siting Risks
  • Weather and Climate-related Risks

Equipment and material selection support for renewable energy projects and climate change studies offer vital benefits for investors, developers, and insurance companies in the renewable energy industry.


Forensic services include detailed diagnosis and investigation to evaluate the possible causes of faults/underperformance and identify the best approach for improvement.

RWDI provides:

  • Peer review of operations and maintenance (underperformance) 
  • Failure Analysis 
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Litigation – Expert Opinion

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Renewable Energy Services