Encourage transit use by designing, building, and maintaining resilient transit projects that seamlessly integrate into communities.

RWDI’s distinctive experience in air quality, noise and vibration, environmental science, and wind engineering enables us to help you plan, construct, and maintain a transit project that minimizes the impact on surrounding communities.

From rail lines, tunnels, stations, and bus terminals, we can model the potential impact of your project on the surrounding community during planning and design.  Our bespoke monitoring tools give you real-time insight into the environmental or structural challenges facing your existing project. Whether you are seeking to address driving rain or blowing snow, identify air quality and ventilation strategies under canopies or structures, or mitigate the impact of wind on station platforms or at drop off areas, we can help.

You can confidently meet your construction, regulatory, or maintenance objectives, with the accurate insight to ensure your transit project is a vibrant part of a healthy, safe, and thriving community.


Transit Services