Solid Waste Management

Find practical solutions for complex waste streams

It’s a fact of life that wherever people are present in the built environment, waste is generated and must be managed. We help you find the balance between people and technology, in order to create workable, cost-effective processes and facilitate compliance.

How we support your waste management: 

  • We can evaluate and advise on initial generation; separation and storage at generation; transport and treatment; and design, construction and management of solid waste management facilities.
  • We also help you address community requirements, make good technology choices, and adapt to regulatory changes.
  • We look for ways you can save costs by being efficient and practical. As waste management professionals, we view your questions through the lens of engineering and regulation. 

truck off-loading dumpster

What sets RWDI apart:

Big picture thinking. What makes RWDI different from others in the field is that we also use a monetary lens. We always carefully frame our solutions within an understanding of their fiscal and environmental impact.