Urban Planning

Create a beautiful and functional urban environment where residents, visitors, and local business can thrive.

Your vision for your city is as unique as the city itself. An experienced consultative partner like RWDI can provide the in-depth insight you need to realize this vision, as you seek to help your city grow and increase economic viability, while creating and maintaining livable neighborhoods.

Key to this is a focus on the microclimate of your outdoor urban spaces.  The microclimates within your city are impacted by several factors including wind, sun, temperature, humidity, noise, and air quality. These components work together to create what we at RWDI call “Total Comfort”.

Our diverse expertise in building, environmental, and climate engineering will help you maximize the Total Comfort of public spaces to encourage active transportation, create economic opportunities, and support the health and resiliency of your community, now and in the future.


Urban Planning Services