Make critical decisions with confidence, control costs, and reduce operational risks from adverse weather conditions.

RWDI’s environmental and climate expertise can help you throughout the lifecycle of your port project to ensure safe and sustainable operations. When you are designing and planning, we can estimate emissions and model air dispersion and noise propagation. If you are planning an expansion, our in-depth modeling can help you understand the future impacts. Our experts can monitor and measure air quality, fugitive dust, and noise that is generated by day-to-day port operations. At every stage, we work collaboratively with you to identify appropriate mitigation strategies that minimize environmental impacts through efficient processes.

Further, through our advanced weather and wave forecasting - and in collaboration with our partner BAIRD - we provide you with a unique forecasting system that delivers high-resolution, site-specific information on waves, high winds, and fog formation. With decades of experience and access to the most accurate modeling tools available, we help you reduce uncertainty, increase safety, and take the guesswork out of scheduling loading / unloading activities.


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