Bring iconic airport designs to life while creating safe, sustainable, and functional spaces.

At RWDI, our team of experts has a unique understanding of climate and meteorology, built on decades of experience.  We apply this understanding throughout the lifecycle of the airport - planning, design, and operations - to ensure that your airport will work with its unique climate.  

We can help you:

Enhance Passenger Experience – as terminals are increasingly integrated with the outdoors, we can help you design for the total comfort and safety of passengers through our expertise in acoustics, ventilation, and microclimate engineering.     

Minimize Environmental Impacts – our air quality, noise, and geoscience experts can help you assess and mitigate impacts to minimize risk and foster relationships with community stakeholders. 

Improve Resiliency – we can assess wind loads and snow loads on terminal buildings resulting in improved resiliency and potential savings in structural steel.  We can also assess the wind effects and provide mitigative solutions for air traffic control towers for both structural integrity and occupant comfort.    

Increase Sustainability – we can help you achieve your sustainability goals through our expertise in greenhouse gases, energy and water modeling, building enclosures, commissioning, and renewable energy.  We can guide you through the sustainability certification process and participation in incentive programs.  

Operate Safely and Efficiently – we can provide timely, accurate weather forecasting information for the safe and efficient operation of your airport. 


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