Wind Loads on Industrial Structures

Helping designers achieve safe, optimized and innovative structures

We study a broad range of industrial structures. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, such as chimney stacks, slender petrochemical towers, pipe bridges, manufacturing plant buildings and bulk storage structures.

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When wind interacts with these structures, it can affect safety, cost and habitability. We help you understand exactly how the wind affects various aspects of your design, from loading on structural components to the comfort of building occupants. This knowledge, delivered at the right time, allows you to truly optimize the design. Instead of chasing last-minute fixes, you’re free to focus on efficient and innovative solutions.

Our service

How we work with you will vary depending on the stage of your project. For early design decisions, our experienced practitioners can anticipate many wind-related issues. As the design evolves, we refine the strategy with specific investigations. Depending on your needs, we may do wind-tunnel testing of physical models, analysis of computational models, or desk-based assessments. In testing, we may collect hundreds of force, pressure or velocity measurements, as needed. We combine this data with meteorological data on the local wind climate to predict wind-induced responses. We then put our conclusions into context for you and your clients. Results are delivered in design-ready, visual, easy-to-share formats.

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