Weather Forecasting

Improve operations and profitability with proactive insight into weather conditions

All weather data is not created equal. With access to high-quality, targeted data at the right time, you can make better decisions about weather-related delays, costs, and risks. 

Scenarios for weather data

Our service

No one can control the weather – but you can enhance operations, mitigate risk, and save money by being prepared for whatever conditions may arise. Our team of engineers and meteorologists evaluate short- and long-range weather conditions, and work closely with your team to minimize negative impacts on your operations.

We can identify areas of your operation that are susceptible to weather challenges and suggest proactive mitigation strategies. With regular and/or custom forecasts targeted to your specific location, you can minimize operational delays while increasing safety and efficiency. You gain access to a dedicated professional meteorologist, whom you know, who understands your operation, and who’s invested in your success.

If high-impact weather is forecast, or a particularly sensitive operation is scheduled, we can deliver a heightened level of detail, guidance, and engagement. 

Samples of weather monitoring software
Weather forecasting data presented in customized, usable formats.

Diverse applications

We utilize a range of technology tools, combined with our inhouse climatologists and meteorologists to support your specific weather forecasting needs.  We can help with:

  • Airports (safety, efficiency, preparedness)
  • Bridges (wind/snow closures, snow accretion on cables)
  • Construction sites (wind gusts)
  • Events (wind gust forecasting; lightning)
  • Films and commercials (rain, light, wind, etc.)
  • Flood zones (expected rainfall)
  • Highway/rail corridors in mountainous areas (snow closures, avalanche risk)
  • HVAC systems (efficiency)
  • Industrial emissions (plume dispersion)
  • Logging operations and burning (wind)
  • Marine terminals (wind/wave conditions for berthing operations)
  • Production and delivery (delays, safety)
  • Search and rescue (flight operation, flooding, avalanche risk, wind, precipitation)
  • Surface mines (dust, noise, safety, wind gust forecasting)
  • Wind and solar farms (energy production, severe weather warning)
  • Winter resort/Ski facilities (snow quality, safety, avalanche risk)
  • Wildfire response (plume, wind speed, convection indices and assessments, low level jets, surface convergence, lightning probability, rainfall)

View our suite of weather-related tools available for customization and client use