Sustainable Design

The imperative for sustainable practices in the design, construction and operation of buildings is changing rapidly, largely because of three related pressures.

  1. Climate change is threatening our current ways of living, creating a need for both mitigation and adaptation.
  2. Many stakeholders (countries, regions, cities, private owners) are requiring disclosure of asset performance.
  3. Real estate is becoming a globalized and mature asset class. Asset managers look for indicators of asset quality, and among their critical benchmarks are sustainability, energy use, water use, and wellness.

This convergence of factors is shifting the emphasis from predicted performance to delivered performance. In turn, this shift will push changes in all aspects of building procurement, design and maintenance. 

Green space around building

Are you wondering how to navigate this rapidly changing landscape? We can support you with services throughout the process—or at any point within it. 

  • We can join your first meeting, so that sustainability goals help shape the entire vision for the project, leading to certification. As experienced independent consultants familiar with new technologies and best practices worldwide, we can help you find the full potential of your building assets.
  • We can also help with more focused decisions, such as designing for efficient energy and water use  and optimizing natural light.
  • During commissioning, we can work with all parties to achieve a building that delivers the expected performance.
  • For existing buildings, we can verify and enhance performance within your portfolio and provide voluntary or mandatory reporting.
  • We can also develop, maintain or supplement your organization’s corporate sustainability and reporting goals and mandates, such as GRI, CSR, GRESB, carbon disclosure, and others (contact us for details). 

We’ve been at the forefront of the sustainability movement for more two decades.

We shape sustainability performance trends around the globe, and we’ve worked on every continent and every climate. Our creative solutions produce successful, sustainable buildings that remain within the scope of design, are feasible to build, and provide operational performance that supports your financial goals and long-term viability in a competitive marketplace.