Source Sampling

Exceptionally accurate air quality testing for regulatory compliance and performance enhancement

Our engineers and scientists conduct source testing for operators across a range of sectors and industries, from cement to manufacturing to fuel services. Whether clients are seeking to demonstrate regulatory compliance or develop their own due diligence plans and environmental performance frameworks, our teams have the expertise and field experience to help.

source testing in industrial facility

Our Services

We deliver detailed technical insights and informed guidance on matters including: 

Pollution mitigation.
Our teams deliver detailed assessments of emissions from point, line, area and mobile sources. We offer clear, practical guidance on mitigation strategies, whether the goal is to reduce overall emissions, limit product loss, adhere to permit conditions or respond effectively to a specific concern. 

Design guidance and performance testing.
We carry out rigorous, independent tests of pollution control equipment, and offer technical design guidance on facilities. Our expertise in exhaust reentrainment – supported by renowned wind and microclimate knowledge – complements our environmental capabilities, enabling us to deliver uniquely detailed and accurate intelligence to clients seeking to understand the behaviour or their emissions.

Process optimization.
We design and conduct high-quality assessments for compliance; emissions inventories and analysis of emissions factors; and relative accuracy test audits (RATAs) on continuous emissions monitors (CEMs). 

source testing in open, and factory

The RWDI Difference

Our exceptional depth of knowledge enables versatility and customization. RWDI’s scientists and engineers listen closely to clients’ specific needs and priorities, and respond with tailored solutions. 

  • Staying active with new EPA OTM-45 method for sampling PFAS, Per– and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
  • Fluent in diverse testing methods, we can develop an appropriate testing program and deliver the right data and insights for each client’s unique context. 
  • We test accurately and efficiently at any scale. We can deliver a simple nitrogen oxide test on a single cogeneration unit, or run a complete gamut of tests (metals, dioxins, VOCs, etc.) on multiple sources (e.g., a cluster of waste incinerators).
  • Our teams use test equipment and mandated methods intelligently, driven by a commitment to delivering not only accurate data but meaningful results. For example, if a test of standard duration will detect such a small quantity of emissions that it yields only a ballpark result (“less than X”), we extend the length of the test in order to deliver a specific result. Our goal is not just to tick boxes on compliance but to help our clients understand their operations more deeply; the more insight we can deliver, the better equipped our clients are to enhance their environmental performance and their bottom line.