Software Solutions

Interpret complex environmental and weather data to better manage weather-related risks

When your operations depend heavily on the climate and local weather, having rich environmental data is only half the battle. You need the tools and expertise to efficiently interpret the results and make data-informed decisions. Whether you are looking to predict wind gusts at building sites, model fugitive dust from mines, reduce the noise impact of your project, or access the meteorological details to plan for climate change and regulatory modelling, we can help meet your industry-specific needs.

Our service

We offer software tools that balance power and simplicity, enabling you to make informed operational choices, regardless of your sector or industry. Our proprietary RWDI Envision technology transforms large quantities of high-quality data into actionable guidance for site operators. It generates invaluable forecasting insights – and reports them in a clear, concise format.

Need something more specific? Our software team develops custom software solutions, harnessing the power of large environmental data sets to solve the complex, real-world challenges facing your operations.

Our software solutions can help you to:

Visualize meteorology and air quality
Access the precise weather forecasting data to help you easily monitor, explore, and visualize meteorology and air quality data.

Identify specialty weather forecasting solutions
Avoid weather-related delays, costs or risks with our industry-specific and customized weather forecasting and risk management solutions.

Monitor and analyze noise and vibration
Collect accurate and customizable noise and vibration data, with the capacity to set threshold alerts.

View high-resolution weather data sets
Access high-resolution quality-assured weather data sets for any location worldwide, created from our data-set inventory. 

Track real-time plume dispersion modeling (Plume-RT)
Comprehensive air-quality management solution that interfaces with regulatory-approved air dispersion models, site-specific meteorology, weather forecasts and environmental monitoring.

Track the health of your structure
Aggregate data from multiple data sources to monitor your signs of a hazard anywhere in the world.

Custom software solutions
Create custom development and modification (e.g., porting, recompiling, parallelizing), backed by RWDI’s exceptional team of engineers, scientists, meteorologists, geographical information system (GIS) experts and technical specialists.