Renewable Energy

Navigating complex options to leverage new opportunities in energy generation

A renewable energy system is often one of the most expensive line items on a project. It’s important to leverage as much benefit from the system as possible.

solar panels on roof

For example, credits gained for an on-site renewable energy system provide flexibility in meeting overall sustainability goals. And smart deployment of renewable energy can reduce both first and ongoing costs for your project.

Renewable energy technologies are multiplying rapidly, so it’s critical to evaluate both new and tested options to find the right solution.

Our service

We help you make smart choices from among the burgeoning strategies for implementing renewable energy generation. Our high-resolution quantitative analysis gives you defensible numbers for generation levels, efficiency and payback.

We’re passionate about transparent communication. In our reports you’ll get bias-free, jargon-free, apples-to-apples comparisons that clearly state risks and rewards.

Our quick-turnaround, independent advice can be critically important to early design. With our results and insights, you can make informed choices about which options to eliminate and which to pursue.

For example, for a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, we can evaluate the locations and orientations you are considering. We’ll alert you to pitfalls and opportunities that are unique to your climate and context. It could be that an expensive solar PV system isn’t the best choice for your site; solar thermal or wind might give you a better return.

We’re experts in the details of sustainability certification and incentive programs. We’re also big proponents of looking at the big picture, with help from our colleagues throughout the company. We look at renewables within the context of your whole project, to make sure you get as many potential incentives as possible. And if you’re considering using several renewable energy or sustainable technologies, we’ll show you how they’ll work together.

When you’ve committed to a strategy, we’ll help you optimize it. We use sophisticated tools and proprietary data sets to quantify wind and solar energy potential anywhere in the world. These include wind tunnels, computational fluid dynamics modeling, extensive meteorological databases and solar modeling tools.

Making tough technology decisions isn’t about having all the information; it’s about having the right information. We examine a wide solution space, synthesize the relevant details and provide you with clear direction, tailored to your project. We cut through decision and research fatigue, so you can make better decisions sooner and with confidence and finality.