Performance Enhancement for Existing Buildings

Commissioning and consulting services for optimal performance

Regardless of your building’s current age or level of performance, there are likely low-cost ways to boost its efficiency. Commissioning an existing building can deliver not only reduced utility costs (savings of up to 25% are common) but increased equipment longevity. 

Temperature reading of apartment buildings

An experienced commissioning professional using field-leading tools can tune your systems, regardless of their age, and restore them to their optimal state. A thorough commissioning process leaves you with the insights and capacity to maintain a higher state of performance over time – helping you cut operating costs, enhance sustainability and extend the life of your assets. 

How we support outstanding performance: 

  • We carry out rigorous testing that gives a holistic picture of your building, its systems and how they interact. More intensive than an energy audit, our commissioning process includes thorough investigation and testing, as well as implementation and verification of our recommended adaptations.
  • We equip operators with the tools and insights to succeed over time. Our team doesn’t just troubleshoot known problems or answer complaints. We restore the original balance of your systems – enabling operators work with the intended design, not against it – and we leave behind documentation and monitoring tools to support ongoing performance. 
  • We work closely with you to understand your priorities – whether you’re a new tenant implementing a fit-out, a purchaser of an older building, or a long-standing owner looking for a tune-up. We take your unique circumstances into account and focus on low-cost, high impact opportunities to enhance performance and sustainability. 

Interested in the EBCx Ontario Incentive? Visit our blog or download our fact sheet below.

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What sets RWDI apart:

  • Technical excellence. Our team includes leaders and innovators who have shaped industry standards in the building commissioning field. RWDI’s scientists and engineers can tackle every aspect of building performance – from energy modeling to building enclosure consulting to advanced sustainability initiatives. Versed in a wide range of frameworks and protocols, we help you choose the best approach for your context.
  • Breadth of expertise. We address all building systems, including HVAC equipment and controls, lighting and daylighting controls, domestic hot water and renewable energy systems (photovoltaic, solar thermal hot water, etc.). Our team is experienced with both recent and older facilities, systems and building materials. 
  • Advanced tools. Our commissioning team uses the leading-edge analytics, equipment testing tools, meters and data loggers to gain deep insight into your building’s performance and deliver precise guidance on improvements. Also, we use a cloud-based commissioning software that gives the project team real-time access to key information, helping to identify and resolve issues quickly.
  • Track record. Our team has delivered operational and energy cost savings on more than 300 projects since 2000. 


  • Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)
  • Energy Audits
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Building Analytics
  • Ongoing Monitoring 
  • Functional Testing


  • ASHRAE Guideline 0.2
  • ASHRAE Guideline 1 – The HVAC Commissioning Process
  • CSA Z320 – Building Commissioning Standard
  • NIBS Guideline 3 for Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)
  • LEED Commissioning