Organic Waste & Compost

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Leading municipalities/communities and private industry are demonstrating leadership by implementing effective waste diversion policies to separate organic waste from landfills and convert it into beneficial end-use products. With a thorough understanding of the complete waste-stream process, we identify opportunities to develop an economic successful facility, able to produce valuable waste-to-resource (W2R) revenue streams for long-term operational and environmental compliance success. 

Waste to energy facility

From site selection to facility completion, we support our waste-management partners throughout the process of establishing forward-thinking organic resource recovery and waste-processing facilities. 

Not quite sure what you're looking for? 

Are you planning or currently operating a composting facility, a source-separated-organics (SSO) processing facility? Do you generate waste-to-energy (WTE), bio-gas, or agricultural fertilizer alternative?

You may be interested in our services. 

Machine scooping compost


Our experienced waste-management group understands the specific considerations necessary to design, construct, and operate a high-performing organic waste-management facility. This includes a thorough understanding of the various organic waste-stream characteristics and the latest technology available.

Our experienced planning team will identify opportunities for our partners, by reducing costs with the selection of efficient, innovative and economic-generating technologies, as well as management practices that align with community values and goals. Thorough planning and initial capital investments in an organic waste-processing site will be offset by long-term savings with new waste-to-resource capabilities.

If you have questions, please get in touch. We've also provided a detailed description of our organic waste and compost services in the fact sheet below.