Land Use Planning and Development

Environmental studies for successful development and regulatory compliance

RWDI’s engineers and scientists support successful land development with a range of services. Common roles for our team include assessing the condition of soil and water and how various human activities could affect them; planning for the protection of water resources at a development site; and offering broad-based support as our clients work to comply with requirements for developing, occupying or maintaining tenancy of land.

Arial view of shoreline

Our services

Building material surveys. 

We help developers fulfill their commitments to their workers and to regulators by rigorously assessing any harmful materials that may be present at development sites – including designated substances such as lead, mercury and asbestos.

Dewatering assessments. 

Our scientists conduct fieldwork and desktop analysis to understand what it will take to dewater a given area, and offer guidance on potential environmental impacts.

Excavation and excess soil studies. 

When clients are undertaking significant excavation, our Qualified Persons (QPs) and scientists perform tests to characterize the excavated material, clarifying the options for the reuse and create the required documentation for the movement of the Excess Soil

Expert witness testimony and litigation support. 

We support clients during litigation – through investigative services, peer reviews and expert witness testimony. We also protect owners from possible future claims by testing and documenting site conditions at specific points in time. For new owners, we can conduct internal due diligence investigations to determine past land use impacts and potential risks. 

Hydrogeological studies. 

Our baseline assessments determine the impact of construction on the local groundwater and surface water resources and to define the dewatering requirements for the project.  

Permits to take water. 

We help clients fulfill the requirements to earn permits to take water (PTTW), and conduct ongoing monitoring.

What sets RWDI apart

Clients return to RWDI because we offer a valuable combination of technical depth, client focus, and regulatory knowledge. 

We not only have the scientific capabilities to deliver high-quality insights about soil and water, we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and priorities. By taking the time to consult with developers in depth, we’re able to design the most appropriate and most efficient testing and monitoring approaches for their unique context. 

Our experienced team also brings plenty of regulatory understanding and communication skills – so we can communicate our findings effectively to diverse audiences, from regulators to community groups to on-site crews.