Greenhouse Gases

Accounting for and mitigating carbon emissions by applying sector-specific expertise at scales from single buildings to entire regions

Regulatory obligations for greenhouse gases (GHG) are changing rapidly and are increasingly stringent. You may be required to estimate the anticipated carbon footprint for new development or report annual emissions for existing structures.

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But positive drivers are also present. You may be wondering if you can save money under cap-and-trade policies. Or you may want to strengthen your organization’s public image as environmental leader and good corporate citizen by reporting and managing carbon emissions.

Our service

We provide either of two compliance services:

  • Monitoring/measurements, accounting, and reporting of GHG emissions, emission reductions, and offsets; or
  • GHG verification to ISO 14065 (ANAB-Accredited Greenhouse Gas Verification Body - Accreditation #1053).

In a complementary service, we can identify GHG credit opportunities and develop strategies to reduce emissions.

Our experts in greenhouse gases are knowledgeable about all aspects of understanding, quantifying, verifying, and mitigating “carbon” emissions.  Our team has cross-disciplinary expertise in

  • Sector-specific needs (industrial, transportation, oil and gas, waste, commercial, and residential sectors)
  • Ambient air quality (generation, dispersion, and mitigation of pollutants)
  • Broader implications of climate change
  • Energy performance (inter-regional, regional, city, infrastructure, masterplan, and building scales).

We provide extremely thorough, clear and usable GHG documentation. Key to our verification service is a formal management system that ensures consistent and reliable verification. And we’re always glad to answer your questions, to make sure you get the best value from our work.

RWDI also offers several related services that can enhance the value of GHG analyses.

We can help develop solutions to reduce your future carbon footprint. In this role, we draw on RWDI’s experience with evaluating industrial activities, developing emission inventories and analyzing strategies for improving air quality through engineering and process solutions.

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