Environmental Services for Permits and Approvals

Dispersion modelling to support regulatory compliance

RWDI’s air quality team helps clients obtain permits and approvals by modelling and reporting on their air quality issues with rigour and clarity. From mines and factories to major construction projects and bioenergy facilities, operators come to us for the depth of our modelling expertise as well as our teams’ complementary knowledge in climate, meteorology and wind engineering. 

Steel Factory

How we help

We begin by generating a baseline picture of local air quality in the area where you operate, using both monitoring of ambient air quality and/or dispersion modelling of emissions from existing sources, from highway traffic, to residential space heating, and output from other industrial facilities. Next, we study emissions sources at your site or facility using regulatory approved dispersion modelling tools (typically the CALPUFF/CALMET suite) to understand and demonstrate influence of your emissions on the surrounding area. 

Our experienced team of air quality scientists then produce high-quality reports or applications for submissions to environmental regulators. We support clients across the entire environmental assessment process, performing a range of analyses and issuing reports as necessary according to the project’s evolving demands. In cases where unique approaches are needed, such as in complex terrain, or at sites with multiple sources, our team has the technical depth to craft effective methodologies and engage regulators with clarity and credibility.