Environmental Noise

Manage environmental noise sources in diverse settings

When a sound is at odds with its context, it can be harmful. In a word, sound becomes noise. Understanding how your project generates noise is crucial to create an acceptable acoustic environment.

Noise monitor beside helicopter

Our service

We help you understand and manage sound and vibration sources within your specific project context. Whether your goal is to fulfill a regulatory requirement, ensure the health and safety of your employees, avoid conflict with neighbors, prevent harm to wildlife, or support the functioning of sensitive equipment, our noise and vibration specialists can help. 

Our team works with noise and vibration sources large and small, across all sectors and industries.  We specialize in applying advanced technology to separate the contributions of multiple sources from their cumulative effect which may not be audible to the ear.  

We’re experts at predicting, modeling, measuring, and interpreting sound in the environment, and we’re deeply knowledgeable about the complex regulations that govern environmental noise.

We evaluate equipment, to mitigate the generation of sound, or draw on our world-leading expertise in weather and climate to address the transmission of noise.  We can utilize unique prediction and assessment methodologies to customize solutions to your particular needs, including real-time monitoring solutions developed by our leading experts. 

Critically, we go beyond the technical aspects of noise management, to help you navigate the important social aspects of this challenge, as you seek to better understand, anticipate, and address the concerns of neighbors, regulators, and other stakeholders. Effective community engagement, clear communication about measurements and mitigation, and concise solutions are important contributions to ensure smooth regulatory approvals and the flexibility you need in your operations.