Environmental Compliance and Monitoring

Technical support and regulatory insight for approvals, permitting and monitoring

For businesses with environmentally complex operations, optimizing performance and maintaining permission to operate on a given site requires rigorous testing and monitoring – as well as an understanding of how to navigate regulatory processes. 

RWDI supports clients’ environmental performance and compliance with multiple services: 

groundwater monitoring equipment

Groundwater and surface water monitoring. 

Whether you’re building infrastructure, operating an open-pit mine or managing an industrial operation, our scientists can monitor and record the condition of groundwater and surface water on your site. For construction works (e.g., roadways, buildings, landfill cells), we can perform monitoring throughout the project’s duration and deliver precise documentation of site conditions for the owner’s project records. 

water pump

Permits, registrations and approvals. 

In addition to renowned technical expertise, our team has the experience and regulatory knowledge to help firms efficiently conform to rules and standards, and earn credibility with regulators and other stakeholders. 

  • Permits to take water (PTTW). We help clients fulfill the requirements to draw significant volumes of water for agriculture, industrial processes, and other purposes.
  • Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). For operators with complex environmental impacts, we help to fulfill ECA requirements for waste, storm water and waste water.
  • Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). Firms whose activities are not intensive or complex enough to require an ECA may need to register with the EASR. We regularly support clients with this process. 

Expert witness testimony and litigation support. 

Our team supports clients during litigation – through investigative services, peer reviews and expert witness testimony. We also protect owners from possible future claims by performing rigorous testing and producing documentation to demonstrate site conditions at specific points in time. For new owners, we can conduct internal due diligence investigations to determine past land use impacts and potential risks.