Energy and Water Modeling

Optimize energy and water systems for cost and performance

Energy and water systems are central to sustainable design. However, to properly implement and optimize these systems, it’s vital to consider a set of complex and inter-connected factors. Accurate system modeling can help boost performance and align solutions with your project priorities.

Solar panels outside office building

Our service

We take the guesswork out of designing energy and water systems by demonstrating how energy and water performance targets affect your project’s bottom line. We begin by modeling your building’s energy or water “economy” in detail and then examine how that economy could be affected by technology choices, occupant use and behavior, and other factors. For projects targeting the highest levels of performance, local climate is a critical consideration, and as world leaders in climate-based solutions, we propose strategies to make your project’s unique location and ambient conditions work for you.

The energy and water models we develop become versatile tools, letting us rapidly prototype design concepts or test the projected performance of your system against various certification frameworks. Such studies give you essential context for key decisions, and help you build confidence that your choices will advance your priorities, from managing first costs and operating costs to earning ambitious sustainability certifications. As independent advisors, we’re unbiased and collaborative, working with all parties—including owners, designers, and operators—to optimize designs and achieve outstanding real-world performance.