Building Enclosure Solutions

Delivering building enclosures that drive performance, enhance the aesthetic, and support human comfort

Drawing on our extensive experience and advanced knowledge of building physics, we help you develop an enclosure system that is efficient, well adapted to the building’s function, and optimized for its unique microclimate. 

new building facade

Our service 

Our building enclosure consulting and commissioning team will use the most advanced tools in the industry to help you achieve your goals.

By combining advanced science and practical knowledge, we provide sound and timely insights on moisture management, air leakage, heat and light exchange, and thermal control – all grounded in analysis from our in-house climate and weather specialists. Collaboration within RWDI enables our building enclosure team to leverage the full range of RWDI’s expertise, crafting elegant solutions in areas ranging from noise and acoustics to snow and ice accumulation. 

analysis of the potential for glare
Analysis of the potential for glare

Whether you’re working to realize a bold architectural vision, earn an ambitious certification (LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge or Passive House), achieve outstanding comfort and performance in a demanding climate – or all of the above – the right enclosure is critical.

New Construction Enclosures

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We translate sophisticated building physics insights into clear, actionable recommendations and details to assist your project team in making informed decisions to optimize facades, roofs, windows, terraces and plazas, below-grade spaces, and entire building enclosure systems at any scale.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions about diverse materials, construction practices, and installation approaches, to help ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Existing Enclosures

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The same tools and skills we use to create enclosures for new buildings can deliver significant value to the owners and occupants of existing buildings.

Whether you are considering the sale or purchase of a building – or making plans for a major capital improvement – our detailed conditions assessment can help.  We can troubleshoot common problems like leaks, help you assess your needs or catch up on deferred maintenance, and convert heritage structures into modern, high-performance facilities.