Bridge Aerodynamics

Optimize bridge performance and safety with comprehensive analyses, modeling and testing

Even the most beautifully designed bridge can be susceptible to strong wind gusts which can impact the structural integrity of the bridge or result in discomfort for users. While cable-supported, arch-and-truss bridges are both elegant and functional, it is accurate aerodynamic design that can turn a bridge into a lasting landmark.

Angus L. MacDonald Bridge model

Angus L. MacDonald Bridge

Our service

Bridge designs that fail to account for the complex interactions between the structure and the wind can lead to instability and even catastrophic failure. Our renowned wind engineers help you realize a design that is safe, aerodynamically sound, and cost-efficient. Collaborating with our in-house meteorology specialists, our wind team helps you to understand — and enhance — how your structure will perform in a range of realistic atmospheric conditions, from typical weather to extreme windstorms. Depending on the climate of your project, we can incorporate other environmental risks into our analysis, such as snow and ice accretion.

The analysis we deliver is unmatched in the industry for accuracy and simplicity, helping your team make informed choices with confidence, including in cases where you need to quickly iterate refinements and adaptations. We use advanced tools and modeling techniques as well as physical testing in our wind tunnel – to gain exceptionally detailed insight into the effects of overall geometry and small design details on your bridge’s wind performance. We distill the results of our work into clear guidance on critical stability conditions. This combination of powerful analysis and user-friendly deliverables helps you realize an outstanding result, efficiently.