Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Accurate air quality monitoring for effective compliance and detailed modeling

Facilities must adhere to complex air quality standards and regulations. Understanding the air quality impacts of these operations requires high-quality testing and monitoring delivered in clear and detailed reports. 

Ambient air quality monitoring equipment

Our Service

At RWDI, we help you understand how complex air quality regulations apply to your projects and facilities. After gaining a thorough understanding of your challenges and priorities, we help craft a monitoring strategy that’s accurate, efficient, and well-suited to your team’s scientific capacity and operational context. We bring the same rigor and meticulous care to programs at any scale, whether it’s a one-off measurement project or long-term, multi-site monitoring program. 

Monitoring for diverse applications. In addition to compliance reporting, our monitoring work supports emissions modeling, toxicology, and environmental impact assessments.

Field sampling, stations and networks. We design, build, install, operate, and maintain all types of ambient air quality monitoring programs. We provide both the instrumentation and the staff to get the job done. 

Advanced solutions that are simple to use.  Our teams have deep expertise in a range of areas connected to air quality monitoring, including regulatory frameworks, meteorological influences, testing methodologies, operations, and software development. This breadth of capabilities lets us deliver powerful solutions, such as real-time monitoring tools with automated warning or response systems; long-term, continuous monitoring at large or challenging sites; and customized monitoring tools for unique conditions or pollutants. 

Monitoring informed by meteorological insights. We can complement air quality monitoring with valuable meteorological insights, designing monitoring programs to include continuous measurement of conditions like wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, ambient temperature, and solar radiation. 

Expert witness testimony. Our team supports clients by quantifying the consequences of accidental releases, and offering clear, data-driven assessments of the cumulative effects of emissions.

Air quality monitoring station