Aerodynamic Shaping for Structures

Empowering design by translating innovative concepts into wind-friendly forms

When an ambitious architectural concept is translated into built form, the concept is sometimes diluted by compromises. Often these compromises are necessary to ensure that the structure will be safe in high winds, especially for tall or flexible structures or bridges.

Model of Shanghai tower in wind tunnel

Our service

Our aerodynamics studies empower innovative design. We help you find an external building form that is fully realizable in construction, yet still true to your vision.  Our aim is to create a shape that is more in tune with the elements and with its location in the world, more effective in its use of materials, cheaper to build and cheaper to manage in the long term.

Timing is crucial. We’ll engage a multi-disciplinary team who will tackle all aspects of the problem in a short time. This team integrates with your design team early on, to build trust and clarity. You can count on our team to provide scientifically informed design guidance at each point in your conceptual design process. In this way, issues related to wind loading and aerodynamic performance can be tackled as the structure is being envisioned—when changes are far less expensive.

We have exceptionally deep and broad expertise not only in wind climate and aerodynamics but also in the relationship between aerodynamics and the dynamics of structures. Over decades, we’ve seen a very large variety of shapes and concepts—and many creative solutions to render these shapes buildable and safe. We have the experience to spot the right change—it may be slight—that moves the building from “almost” to “accomplished.”