Waste & Water

We offer geoscience and waste services for the private and public sectors to support their environmental stewardship objectives and meet regulatory requirements. Stakeholders value our ability to convey scientific insight both with clarity and with sensitivity to the unique context of each project.

Waste Management

Our waste management practice offers a valuable combination of legal and regulatory knowledge, operations-focused engineering experience and business savvy. Our team has a record of developing cost-effective waste management solutions for firms and municipalities while communicating effectively with stakeholders and ensuring that projects meet regulatory requirements.

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Water Utilities

We are respected leaders in sourcing, monitoring and protecting groundwater resources that meet communities’ drinking-water needs. Our experts continually scan the field for innovations in groundwater monitoring, hydraulic conductivity testing and pumping-test analysis. The quality of our results has earned us a strong reputation among regulators, while our clients value the efficiency of our work.

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