We help inform key decisions on a broad range of climate and environmental issues, working closely with our clients from the early, conceptual stages of the design process through to final details, refinements and monitoring. Known for our consultative approach, we have a strong record of effective communication with governments, firms and communities.

Large Scale Power Generation—Thermal and Renewables

Two key capabilities drive our success in developing environmental solutions for large-scale energy projects: our technical expertise and our ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders. Combining our experts’ engineering knowledge with insights from owners, community members, government, sustainability specialists and others, we provide guidance on air quality and noise issues that is both workable and technically sound.

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Small Scale Renewables

We excel at helping designers integrate renewable energy solutions into projects of all sizes. Whether working at city, neighborhood or building scale, we develop customized approaches that maximize efficiency and return on investment while supporting the overall design vision. We also conduct wind tunnel simulations and provide consulting to manufacturers of photovoltaic systems, enabling them to understand and improve the performance of solar arrays in high winds.

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