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RWDI helps clients tackle complex challenges in the built environment by combining innovative thinking, collaborative problem solving and a passion for expanding the boundaries of the possible.

RWDI is a globally renowned environmental engineering firm tackling complex challenges in the built environment. We drive success on ambitious building, industry, and infrastructure projects – enhancing their performance and efficiency, and assessing and mitigating their environmental impacts.

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RWDI in the United Kingdom

With an in depth understanding of the regulatory requirements and the unique challenges facing the built environment in the United Kingdom, our highly collaborative team leverages RWDI’s global technical expertise and resources to meet your specific objectives. We have 3 offices in the UK, with an advanced wind tunnel testing facility in Milton Keynes.

RWDI offices in the UK

From planning to verification

Our diverse team of uniquely qualified scientists and engineers are experienced in ensuring that your urban developments meet or exceed the regulatory requirements pertaining to environmental impacts at every stage of the project life cycle. Having worked with the City of London and the City of Leeds in the development of municipal wind comfort guidelines and thermal comfort guidelines, our clients can be assured that our team have the experience and insight to produce technical reports and practical recommendations that will facilitate a successful project. Our team perform the majority of planning applications and pedestrian level wind studies in the UK, and our innovative culture means that we find solutions to even the most challenging of problems related to the interplay between the natural elements and the urban environment. We use our wind tunnels, computational capabilities and collaborative problem solving to bring you a truly bespoke consultancy service focused.

Achieving total comfort and environmental harmony 

We support our diverse clients across a variety of industries, spanning Buildings, Infrastructure and Industry. Our holistic approach to service delivery is centered around a central purpose: to meet the immediate aims and broader business goals of our clients. Click here for more.

environmental impact assessments

We help you understand and manage subsurface environmental risks for both developed properties (brownfield sites) and undeveloped properties (greenfield sites) through a complete range of services: assessment, remediation planning, monitoring, and formal recording of compliance.  If an assessment process identifies a problem, we can draw on a wide range of technical expertise from across RWDI to develop a mitigation strategy. Click here for more.

microclimate and outdoor thermal comfort

Our goal is to help you create a project—an outdoor environment, a development, a stadium, a community—that is physically better suited to the pedestrian, patron or participant experience. We can reconstruct or predict the weather in the immediate vicinity of your location, at any moment, anywhere in the world. We can model exactly how the wind will flow around building features and exactly where and when shadows will fall. Click here for more.

Air Quality

We help you create excellent air quality in and around buildings, and work closely with industrial facilities, mines, and other operations to measure, monitor, and mitigate their air quality impacts. After performing the required testing and analysis, we deliver the results and recommendations you need to take actionable steps for improvement and clearly communicate with regulators and stakeholders. Click here for more.

solar impact assessment

We provide engineers, architects and designers with the information they need to fully understand how their buildings or developments interact with the sun. By learning in detail how your project responds to sunlight, you can improve operating efficiency and occupant comfort, avoid (or mitigate) dangerous or adverse conditions such as glare and shadow, or optimize your strategies for solar power and generation. Click here for more.

Overshadowing Studies

We can quantify shadows to answer any question. The estimate can be based on duration and/or size, as required by some municipalities. We can also state how much a building will reduce the solar radiation incident on nearby solar power systems. With our proprietary software, we can estimate shadowing in time steps as small as 1 or 2 minutes. Click here for more.

Noise, Acoustics, Vibration

We offer design guidance on everything from enhancing acoustic comfort in residential buildings to optimizing state-of-the-art performance spaces. Regardless of your industry, we can help you manage environmental noise impacts effectively – whether that means mitigating short-term emissions from construction, or helping a community design a permanent solution for highway, rail, or industrial noise. Click here for more.

Wind Tunnel testing

As world leaders in wind engineering, we have worked on countless long-span bridges, stadia, the world’s tallest buildings, and many other towers and structures. Our wind engineering services will support the success of a project, from optimizing wind performance on sculptures and outdoor spaces to stabilizing tall buildings – boosting pedestrian safety and comfort, saving on costs, and ultimately realizing the goals of the most ambitious projects.  Click here for more.

climate change resiliency

Our climate change resiliency services involve mitigation strategies to encourage the creation of sustainable buildings, adaptation plans to enable the built environments to cope with a changing climate and in-depth analysis and forecasting of extreme weather events.  Click here for more.