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RWDI helps clients tackle complex challenges in the built environment by combining innovative thinking, collaborative problem solving and a passion for expanding the boundaries of the possible.

RWDI is a globally renowned environmental engineering firm tackling complex challenges in the built environment. We drive success on ambitious building, industry, and infrastructure projects – enhancing their performance and efficiency, and assessing and mitigating their environmental impacts.

RWDI Europe

In 2019, we opened our Continental European headquarters in Milan Italy. 

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Our regional team in Italy delivers specialized support, with an in depth understanding of the unique challenges facing the built environment in Continental Europe. This highly collaborative team leverages RWDI’s global technical expertise and resources – including our wind tunnel testing facilities in the United Kingdom, Canada, and India - to meet your specific objectives. 

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Across the continent, we support our diverse clients across a variety of industries, spanning Buildings, Infrastructure and Industry. Our holistic approach to service delivery is centered around a central purpose: to meet the immediate aims and broader business goals of our clients.

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Bridge aerodynamics

Strong wind gusts can influence even the most beautiful bridges. Our world-class wind engineers collaborate with our in-house meteorology specialists to help you realize a cost-efficient, safe, and aerodynamically sound bridge design – including enhancing how your bridge will perform in typical weather to extreme conditions and incorporating other environmental risks.  Click here for more.

Climate change resiliency

Our climate change resiliency services involve mitigation strategies to encourage the creation of sustainable buildings, adaptation plans to enable the built environments to cope with a changing climate and in-depth analysis and forecasting of extreme weather events.  Click here for more.

Project life Cycle Support

We offer services that support the success and compliance of a development throughout the entire life-cycle of the project. From planning and permitting, to optimizing the design for local conditions and sustainability standards, planning around safe weather conditions to maximize construction efficiency, optimizing and monitoring the projects adherence to environmental protections standards, and site repurposing, RWDI can help. Click here for more.

sustainability, commissioning and energy modeling

Whether it is shaping sustainability goals and optimizing water and energy systems for performance and cost or enhancing the performance of existing building and streamlining sustainability certifications, RWDI can help make environmental goals more feasible and profitable. Click here for more.

urban planning

Our urban planning team are experts in how climate affects buildings, transit, outdoor spaces, and other city infrastructure. They can quickly leverage custom software to simulate wind, sun, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency throughout the design process. With goals from evaluating potential sustainable energy production to improving pedestrian thermal and wind comfort, RWDI helps ensure projects have the early design decisions that can create a resilient urban plan. Click here for more.

wind engineering

As world leaders in wind engineering, we have worked on countless long-span bridges, stadia, the world’s tallest buildings, and many other towers and structures. Our wind engineering services will support the success of a project, from optimizing wind performance on sculptures and outdoor spaces to stabilizing tall buildings – boosting pedestrian safety and comfort, saving on costs, and ultimately realizing the goals of the most ambitious projects. Click here for more.

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