Winery Sustainability Consulting

North America

Guide wineries through improving the sustainability of their processes, including the water and energy efficiency of their buildings, and reducing their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

High-performance buildings and facilities use a significant amount of energy annually to perform their intended function. Wineries, for instance, often require energy to produce large volumes of wine in an innovative environment, while also accounting for winery tours and tasting rooms. 


  • The Challenge

    Climate change and sustainability concerns are causing an increasing number of wineries to look to mitigate their environmental impact and reduce their overall carbon footprint. This requires adherence to green building strategies while meeting many sustainability goals and regulations, including for certification purposes (an increasing priority for many wineries).

  • Our Approach

    RWDI’s team of experts collaborates with our winery clients on sustainability projects to:

    • Develop verifiable energy performance claims, without sacrificing unique building design, to achieve faster market-recognized sustainability certifications (such as LEED, ENERGY STAR, and Living Building Challenge)
    • Deliver expert support to assist in the achievement of net-zero building status
    • Leverage detailed energy modeling to provide energy generation prototype concepts and test performance offered by alternative power systems, such as photovoltaics, while incorporating energy strategies for multi-year cost savings
    • Provide advice on winery design elements to capture opportunities for energy savings, while reducing impact on grapes during production
    • Incorporate the purchase of local materials to enhance resource and material conservation
    • Implement on-site storm water management systems for reuse in irrigation
    • Strengthen the environmental resiliency in design during site development and for future facility operations
  • The Outcome

    The experienced teams at RWDI work with our clients to meet their sustainability goals for their winery project to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate their environmental impact. We help streamline regulatory compliance and sustainability certification process, increase cost savings, and reach net-zero building status, including when working with complex projects or evolving sustainability needs.