Regulatory Compliance and Approvals for Material Recycling Facilities


Evaluate waste reduction and recovery strategies and operations of material recycling facilities to comply with regulatory approvals.           

Material recycling facilities, from general municipal facilities to specialized ones, handle tons of material annually and must account for their waste reduction and recovery strategies. Many of these facilities have been operating for years, if not decades, and must expand their capacity or modernize operations to meet evolving circular economy needs and regulatory changes. 


  • The Challenge

    Material recycling facilities face the challenge of balancing production and operational growth with existing and changing environmental regulations, including those linked to air, noise, and waste. These facilities must design and manage their impact on these aspects to continue their efficient operations and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Our Approach

    RWDI’s team of experts leverages significant experience when handling projects for material recycling facilities to:

    • Streamline the completion of Design & Operations reports to achieve Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for expansion and capacity increase projects
    • Execute detailed industry and business studies, including dialogue with authorities, to hasten the process of successfully attaining required operating permits (ECA)
    • Optimize the ventilation system and conduct on-site measurements to offer maximum comfort, safety, and air quality, while minimizing energy costs
    • Provide early advice and concepts based on experience and back them up with further studies, such as proof-of-concept analytical modeling or even computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, especially for particularly complex or critical systems
  • The Outcome

    RWDI’s team uses years of experience and expertise to meet the challenges facing material recycling facilities as they relate to sustainability and adhere to environmental regulations. We are able to help clients obtain the regulatory approvals and permits needed to enhance their performance and meet market needs in a changing climate.