London, United Kingdom

A wide range of studies to verify safety and optimization for this eye-catching addition to London’s Canary Wharf  

Located in the financial district of Canary Wharf, Newfoundland is a 220 meter (720 ft) tall residential building with 58 floors housing 636 units. Along with a unique geometry, the structure features a prominent skeleton façade in the shape of diamonds.


  • The Challenge

    Newfoundland’s design team wanted to seamlessly meld bold architectural design with engineering excellence. To do so, they required a series of studies and assessments to be conducted. RWDI’s diverse array of capabilities meant we could offer a one-stop shop for this testing.

  • Our Approach

    RWDI’s world-leading engineering team:

    • Leveraged wind studies, including structural and cladding wind load tests, to assist the design team in providing a safe, comfortable space for tower users and achieving initial planning approval
    • Performed wind tunnel testing to quantify the wind buffeting a new upwind structure would cause Newfoundland
    • Installed a tuned sloshing damper to counter wind buffeting effects and make windy conditions comfortable for upper floor occupants
    • Delivered an aeroacoustics study that determined there would be no wind-induced whistling noises or vibration because of the façade’s architectural elements
    • Conducted an HVAC assessment to identify the optimal placement of intakes and exhaust locations around the façade
    • Quantified the risk, based on decades of meteorological data, for falling snow and ice over a typical winter and applied our custom methodology to the tower’s design features to minimize problematic ice and snow hazards
    • Conducted a stack effect study to ensure stack effect would boost the tower’s performance and eliminate the possibility of stack effect causing adverse effects such as whistling noises and difficult-to-open doors
  • The Outcome

    Ultimately, our efforts helped the designers of Newfoundland to achieve a safe, optimized, and eye-catching building.