HS2 South Sections S1 and S2

United Kingdom

Noise and vibration monitoring for a new high-speed rail line

Our client was looking to commission a company to manage noise and vibration monitoring for the construction of two southern phase 1 sections, S1 and S2, of the United Kingdom’s new HS2 high-speed railway line.


  • The Challenge

    The client needed an organization that could supply, install, and maintain noise and vibration monitoring systems, hosted jointly on a single web-based platform, that would trigger alerts based on project and Special Case criteria. They needed all data to be downloaded remotely, with advice and recommendations provided whenever an alert occurred. Monitoring reports were provided regularly, as were attended noise and vibration surveys. Additionally, the RWDI team assisted with Stakeholder interactions and supported with consent documentation and compliance.

  • Our Approach

    The noise and vibration experts at RWDI are performing the following as part of this ongoing project:

    • Installing and maintaining on and off site noise and vibration monitoring systems.
    • Conducting reviews of site-specific compliance with the Environmental Minimum Requirements.
    • Completing modelling exercises on behalf of the client using SoundPLAN and CADNA A modelling software, including investigation into mitigation measures and analysis of the performance of the measures.
    • Preparing monthly noise and vibration monitoring reports in accordance with HS2 standards and protocols for each local authority.
    • Performing the operational assessments required to comply with Environment Agency permitting requirements, along with required independent consent application assurance noise calculations and studies.
    • Providing on-site noise monitoring and consultancy advice in response to stakeholder complaints.

  • The Outcome

    RWDI continues to meet the noise and vibration project needs of the client, providing the information they need in an effective and timely manner. The first phase of the HS2 project is on target for completion between 2029 and 2033.