Epping to Chatsworth rail link

Sydney, Australia

Mitigating noise and vibration to meet stringent criteria 

The Epping to Chatswood rail link involves twin underground rail tunnels extending over 13 kilometres across the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

We were commissioned to design vibration and ground borne noise mitigation measures to meet stringent criteria applying to buildings on the surface.

Our solution involved the use of high attenuation resilient fasteners and floating slab tracks. Extensive measurements of existing underground rail systems and of vibration propagation through the rock along the route were carried out to obtain relevant parameters as inputs for the Rail Noise Prediction Model. Separate measurements of the effect of rail wear were carried out to understand the variation in ground borne noise levels to be expected over a typical maintenance cycle. Final compliance measurements indicate that the stringent noise and vibration limits for the project set at residences above the tunnel have been achieved.