Environmental Regulatory Compliance for Chemical Manufacturers


Guiding chemical manufacturers through the hurdles of environmental regulatory governance with experienced support. 

Facilities involved in chemical manufacturing – from cosmetic products to cleaning solutions – handle significant quantities of material daily. Manufacturers must consider the potential impact of both the material and their operations on the health and safety of their workforce and the people in the surrounding environment. 


  • The Challenge

    Chemical manufacturers face several challenges. They must balance their financial bottom-line operations with the ever-increasing sustainability initiatives, all while adhering to tightening multi-faceted (air, noise, odor, vibration, water, and waste) environmental regulations, at all levels of government.

  • Our Approach

    RWDI brings strategic-level support and expertise in several areas when working with chemical manufacturers, including:

    • Delivery of conceptual and design analyses for upcoming facility changes, whether it be a new product, a new facility, or an expansion/modification of an existing facility to inform process decisions
    • Leverage comprehensive measurement and modeling techniques for air quality management, liaising with regulators to ease the permitting process
    • Mobilize expertise in odor quantification, assessment, and control to minimize awareness
    • Assist with annual regulatory reporting requirements – from keeping you informed of regulatory changes or requirements to conducting assessments to submitting the required documentation – for all levels of government reporting. Examples of these programs include NPRI, GHG, ECALOF Annual Reports, and ChemTRAC.
    • Implement state-of-the-art tools and techniques, including sophisticated measurement technology and modeling, to ease the noise permitting process and create an acceptable acoustic environment
  • The Outcome

    RWDI’s team of professionals use extensive expertise and experience to help chemical manufacturers of all types to consistently attain the necessary permits and approvals required to seamlessly manage their operations. With our state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we help streamline your regulatory process requirements.