Environmental Assessment for Landfill Expansion Project


Adopt state-of-the-art techniques to keep pace with technological advances and changing environmental regulations during expansion projects.

Landfills and other waste management complexes handle significant amounts of waste every day and must account for practices such as secure landfill disposal, safe incineration and handling of hazardous waste, and organic debris treatment. Many landfills have been in operation for several decades and must expand their capacity to meet changing market needs while also becoming responsible businesses with sustainable futures.


  • The Challenge

    A common challenge for landfills, both hazardous and nonhazardous waste management facilities, is balancing the tightening of existing environmental regulations or the addition of new ones while increasing service capacity to meet growing market needs. In many cases, landfills must meet the environmental standards of multiple regulatory bodies, including at the national level. It is also common for landfills to manage expectations from other parties, such as their neighbors and other local stakeholders, at the same time.

  • Our Approach

    When working with landfill expansion projects, RWDI offers extensive cross-disciplinary expertise in several areas, including:

    • Conduct hydrogeologic analyses to achieve effective protection of groundwater
    • Implement noise, air quality, and odor assessments with software solutions to minimize impact on surrounding population
    • Generate soil assessments to evaluate quality and determine beneficial reuse options
    • Organize and produce technical documents to support regulatory permit applications
    • Develop and execute groundwater monitoring program
    • Design leachate monitoring and reporting system to divert up to millions of liters of leachate annually
    • Leverage our cohesive, engaged team of industry-leading experts to provide continuity throughout the project and support clients with outstanding efficiency and integrity, as well as limit any risk of error
    • Administer construction quality assurance and quality control throughout various stages of construction
  • The Outcome

    RWDI’s environmental team works tirelessly to meet the challenges landfill expansion projects face while adhering to strict environmental regulations and sustainability needs. Our experts leverage state-of-the-art techniques to provide monitoring to demonstrate environmental compliance with regulatory approvals. We are able to streamline the achievement of approvals and permits even when faced with complex projects and regulations, allowing clients to reach changing market needs and managing expectations from stakeholders, including the surrounding communities.