Alperton Bus Garage

London, United Kingdom

Wind tunnel testing and air quality assessments to fine-tune the design of a new mixed-use scheme.

The former Alperton bus depot site in the City of London is undergoing a dramatic makeover by Telford Homes, one of the most environmentally conscious and sustainable residential developers in the UK. The company aims to create a high-quality mixed-use scheme that will see 457 new flats built across three buildings.


  • The Challenge

    Telford Homes required the most rigorous assessments in order to realize their ambitious design for the site. They turned to the experts at RWDI for help to consider the wind and air quality environment in the area, and how this may change with the introduction of the development. This work was undertaken to not only comply with planning requirements, but also with a desire to achieve a high-quality development for future residents.

  • Our Approach

    As part of this project, RWDI’s team of experts:

    • Executed early-stage wind tunnel testing to establish the local wind environment for pedestrians in the scheme and surrounding area
    • Collaborated with the design team to consider how impacts on the wind environment could modify the scheme to be more aerodynamic and increase pedestrian comfort
    • Managed project restraints, including daylight, sunlight, and overshadowing; meeting targets for the required number of units; and provision of private and communal amenity space and public space, all within a small site footprint to develop scheme modification recommendations
    • Conducted mitigation testing to inform the landscaping design and distribution of sensitive pedestrian uses across the site to match the expected wind environment and ensure a high quality of usable space in and around the buildings
    • Validated that the mitigated landscape was in line with local policies to provide a beneficial green environment that introduced new trees, shrubs, and hedging
    • Delivered an air quality assessment to predict the effect of emissions from future worst-case traffic flow and any heating sources in the building
    • Leveraged dispersion modeling in a detailed air quality assessment to accommodate the development’s size and location in an air quality management area
    • Identified sensitive locations on- and off-site to assess traffic and operational emissions
    • Conducted an air quality neutral assessment in accordance with all policies, guidelines, and industry standards to evaluate the effects on air quality associated with demolition and construction
  • The Outcome

    RWDI’s wind tunnel testing and air quality assessments on the project design resulted in the validation of Telford Homes’ planning application for their residential and commercial development at the site of the former Alperton bus depot.