Project Life Cycle Support in Europe

Strengthen the efficiency and function of your project with support throughout its entire life cycle.

bridge structural planning drawing

RWDI supports all phases in the life cycle of a project, from permitting and planning to design optimization for sustainability, monitoring adherence to environmental protections, and maximizing the efficiency of construction. 

Project Lifecycle graphic

Land-use Planning

Successful land development for a project – whether it’s a bridge, building, or other structure – requires diligent land-use planning. Common ways in which RWDI’s experts assist at this stage of the project life cycle include conducting:

  • building material surveys
  • excess soil studies
  • dewatering assessments
  • hydrogeological studies

These environmental studies allow for regulatory compliance and, therefore, the successful development, occupation, and maintenance of the land.

Concept Design & Resilient Design

Early design guidance from RWDI can significantly optimize the efficiency and resiliency of a project and eliminate costly changes later in the process. Resilient and sustainable buildings, bridges, and other structures are necessary to ensure they function as intended and account for the surrounding natural environment and its impact on your project, such as through:

For instance, our experienced wind engineers will translate wind load results obtained from our wind tunnel testing facilities into actionable reports, allowing you to make informed design decisions and produce a safe, more efficient design, as well as a more comfortable urban environment.


Our services can support the safe and efficient construction of new structures, such as through the mitigation of construction noise and vibration for those onsite as well as in the surrounding area to minimize community disruption. 

Our experts can also harness advanced weather and wind gust forecasting to mitigate construction delays and increase safety. Forecasting is particularly beneficial during construction to maintain site safety. 


RWDI is uniquely positioned to ensure your structure achieves its full potential – whether as a new project or existing build – as our experts offer an unmatched combination of commissioning, energy modeling, sustainability, and building enclosure expertise. Commissioning helps buildings and other structures achieve the optimized performance of all systems, such as:

  • renewable energy systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • lighting and daylighting controls

We use cutting-edge modeling tools and testing strategies alongside technical expertise to help protect equipment longevity, tune systems, and achieve sustainability objectives and cost savings.

Operation & Monitoring

Completed projects require ongoing support to ensure their optimal performance. RWDI’s evaluations for such a goal include assessing various vibration issues, such as floor vibration, wind-induced vibration, and bridge analysis and collaborating with you to determine the most accurate and cost-effective mitigation for your project. Our solutions are uniquely effective because we consider vibration analysis as part of a larger evaluation, including issues such as: 

Weather forecasting can also enhance operations, specifically as our experts can identify areas of your operation that are susceptible to weather challenges and suggest proactive mitigation strategies in a variety of applications, including wind and snow closures on bridges and wind gust forecasting around buildings in a particular area.