Profile of Wayne Boulton

Wayne Boulton
Senior Consultant | Principal | Manager of Innovation and Technical Development
+1.613.730.7608 x2610

Wayne’s international management and leadership experience spans two decades and many of our most ambitious projects. He is known for helping clients and project partners overcome challenges by deconstructing, simplifying and communicating highly complex issues in a logical and systematic manner that everyone can understand.  Wayne’s easy-going manner and infectious enthusiasm make him a sought-after presenter and meeting facilitator. Wayne’s technical expertise in multiple disciplines and international experience across numerous sectors and industries make him a valued asset to any team.

An energetic, seasoned leader with a passion for innovation and making complicated issues simple


    • Chartered Director, The Directors College, Canada
    • Master of Science (Physical Geography), University of Guelph, Canada
    • Bachelor of Science (Physical Geography), Trent University, Canada

    • Special Graduate Faculty / Thesis Advisor, Trent University (2016-2019)
    • RWDI Board of Directors and Corporate Secretary (2012 – present)
    • Board Member and past Chair, Ottawa Valley Chapter - Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) (2011-2016)
    • Extensive list of technical publications

    • Atmospheric modelling
    • Emissions inventories
    • Environmental systems
    • Software development
    • Windblown sand and dust