Profile of Uwe Gramann

Uwe Gramann
Senior Meteorologist | Operational Forecaster | Associate

Uwe brings two decades of diverse experience in consulting, applied and operational meteorology to his role. With his extensive experience working in British Columbia--and his detailed knowledge of the meteorological issues and patterns associated with the mountains of Western Canada--he has helped governments and firms manage risks ranging from avalanches to wildfires to dispersion challenges. First Nations and governments benefit from Uwe’s research expertise during EA processes, while corporations often make use of his skills in highly customized forecasting as well as capacity to train staff for increased operational efficiency and safety. His depth of experience in operational meteorology makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate meteorological events for forensic case studies.

A senior meteorologist whose work ranges from highly customized forecasting to forensic case studies


    • Hauptdiplom* (Atmospheric Science), University of Karlsruhe, Germany
      * recognized by Environment Canada as equivalent to Master of Science degree

    • Avalanche
    • Aviation
    • Fire (prescribed burns, wildfires, dispersion)
    • Forecasting
    • Forensic investigation
    • Hazard and risk
    • Hydrometeorological research and design
    • Meteorology
    • Skiing operations (lodges, heli-ski, snow safety)
    • Storm analyses
    • Weather modeling
    • Western Canada (mountain conditions)
    • Wind gust forecasting