Profile of Sarah Pellatt

Sarah Pellatt
Air Quality Team Leader

Sarah is the team leader of our air quality modeling group, performing a range of oversight and quality assurance roles with our scientists and engineers across Canada as they carry out emissions inventories and modeling projects. In addition to extensive experience with nuisance issues such as odor and fugitive dust, Sarah brings to her work deep knowledge of environmental regulations and reporting requirements. Clients across a range of sectors – including waste management, mining, industry and health care – have benefited from Sarah’s scientific and regulatory knowledge, as well as her ability to present complex air quality concepts in clear, practical terms.

An air quality specialist who draws on both scientific and regulatory insights to support clients’ environmental performance


    • Bachelor of Science (Biology), University of Ottawa, Canada
    • Post-graduate Diploma (Environmental Engineering Applications), Conestoga College, Canada

    • Air quality
    • Dispersion modeling
    • Emissions inventories
    • Environmental assessments
    • Environmental regulations
    • Fugitive dust
    • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) reporting
    • Odor
    • Regulatory permit applications
    • Source characterization