Profile of Saba Saneinejad

Saba Saneinejad
Senior Microclimate Scientist | Associate Principal

As leader of RWDI’s world-renowned microclimate team, Saba Saneinejad is an expert in outdoor thermal comfort and heat island effect, as well as pedestrian wind comfort and safety. With a background in both architecture and engineering, Saba brings a unique perspective that helps clients better understand the interaction between their building and the city’s microclimate. Whether it is early master planning or detailed compliance studies, Saba capably identifies opportunities to optimize total comfort in the public realm that, in turn, increases city livability. An early adopter of using new technology that improves design efficiencies for both her team and clients, Saba is a strong advocate for projects that put the planet and people first.

A microclimate specialist with expertise in multiple disciplines and a passion for the built environment


    • Doctorate, Civil, Environmental and Geometric Engineering, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Master of Applied Science (Building Engineering), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
    • Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture/Building Science), Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

    • Presenter at technical and industrial conferences

    • Building Aerodynamics
    • Building Performance
    • Building Physics
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Pedestrian Wind
    • Research and Development
    • Sun/Shadow effects
    • Thermal Comfort