Profile of Ryan Danks

Ryan Danks
Practice Area Leader - Building Performance, Ventilation & CFD | Associate Principal

Ryan Danks specializes in creating tools and methodologies to predict how the built environment will interact with climate. From preventing dangerous solar glare to tracking germs through air ducts and understanding wind flow around the next generation of extremely large telescopes, Ryan’s ability to understand and simulate multifaceted physical processes yields answers to even the most sophisticated questions. His process may be complex but the outcome is simple: comfortable, sustainable spaces in and around our clients’ structures and facilities. In addition to the impressive results he delivers for clients, Ryan helps us stay at the leading edge of building science through his contributions to our building-science R&D practice. Among other things, Ryan is the lead developer of our Climate-Aware Design Toolkit, which includes the Eclipse solar modeling engine and the Oasis thermal comfort estimator.

An R&D leader specializing in complex models and simulations to enhance building performance


    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering Science - Aerospace Specialty), University of Toronto

    • Professional Engineer, Ontario and Alberta
    • Member, International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA), Canadian Chapter
    • Member, Canada Green Building Council
    • Member, Facade Tectonics Institute
    • Frequent presenter at conferences on solar issues and glare in the built environment

    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Internal air flows
    • Solar effects (glare, day-lighting, shadow, plant health, energy potential, heat gains)
    • Software development
    • Thermal comfort
    • Urban wind flows
    • Wind-driven particulates (rain, sand, snow)