Profile of Ruth McMath

Mc Math
Ruth McMath
Project Scientist

Ruth is an experienced air quality specialist who supports our clients’ building performance objectives by using wind tunnel and numerical dispersion modeling methods to find the optimal design solution for each context. In her work on more than 200 projects--from hospitals to high-rises to central utility plants--Ruth has earned a reputation for big-picture thinking: situating her own work in the wider project architecture to ensure outstanding overall outcomes. Combining deep expertise in microclimates and exhaust re-entrainment with excellent communication skills and practical insights, Ruth contributes not only to her projects’ technical excellence but to the smoothness of their execution.

An experienced project scientist who combines technical knowledge with big-picture thinking for outstanding results


    • Master of Science (Physical Geography), University of Guelph, Canada
    • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Geography (Environmental Economics), University of Guelph, Canada

    • Air quality
    • Central utility plants
    • Exhaust re-entrainment
    • Microclimates
    • Numerical dispersion modelling
    • Stadia
    • Tall buildings
    • Wind tunnel testing