Profile of Ron Aquino

Ron Aquino Internal
Ron Aquino
Vibration and Damping Scientist

Ron is a lead technical coordinator for wind engineering and motion control projects. Whether our clients need support with new developments or with monitoring the health of existing structures and associated damping systems, Ron delivers outstanding research, reporting, and data and system analysis. In addition to sharing his own engineering insights in areas ranging from wind loading to damper performance, Ron coordinates our technical staff and resources to ensure that our clients always have the people and tools they need to achieve their safety and business objectives.

A wind and earthquake specialist who helps clients understand and manage dynamic challenges in buildings and structures.


    • Doctorate, Graduate School of Architecture and Wind Engineering, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan
    • Master of Science, Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering), University of the Philippines, Philippines
    • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of the Philippines, Philippines

    • Licensed Civil Engineer, Philippines
    • Member, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)
    • Member, PICE National Committee on Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Strategies (DMAPS)
    • Frequent presenter at international engineering conferences and workshops

    • Damper performance analysis
    • Earthquake engineering
    • Engineering research
    • Motion control
    • Structural dynamics
    • Structural health monitoring
    • Vibration data processing and analysis
    • Wind loading studies