Profile of Paola De Riva

Paola De Riva Internal
Paola De Riva
Business Development Coordinator

A skilled business development leader with solid experience in client engagement, she is known for her excellent interpersonal communication, relationship-building, and team leadership abilities. A results-driven and proactive go-getter, Paola possesses a demonstrated record of accomplishment when it comes to meeting and furthering objectives. She has a talent for identifying emerging market trends and using this knowledge for the betterment of both RWDI and our clients. Paola loves to take initiative and try new things, and her motto is to never stop learning. She speaks English, Spanish, Italian and German.

A multilingual business development specialist focused on client engagement


    • Business development
    • Client engagement
    • Lead development
    • Market analysis and research
    • Promotions and trade shows
    • Sales and marketing

    • ASSORECA Environment, Energy, Security, and Social Responsibility Association
    • Green Building Council Italy
    • Il Quotidiano Immobiliare
    • Italia Solare