Profile of Mitch Chvilicek

Mitch Chvilicek
Senior Commissioning Consultant

Mitch brings over 20 years’ experience in commissioning and TAB (testing, adjusting and balancing) to his role. He has commissioned over 75 projects, both LEED and non-LEED, and has served as the lead commissioning consultant on a wide range of buildings, from large-scale performing arts and convention centers to small retail stores. Our clients benefit from Mitch’s in-depth knowledge of building mechanical systems and their component interactions, which enables him to offer keen insight into opportunities for optimizing system performance and boosting energy efficiency. Prior to joining RWDI, Mitch was responsible for the operation of nuclear reactor and steam propulsion plants for the U.S. Navy. He also performed test and balance work for sensitive operations such as semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Mitch has extensive experience with the commissioning process, including; design reviews, specification development, test writing and execution and energy management. He also has experience in delivering commissioning related trainings and presentations and educating building owners and operators on the commissioning process and energy management.

An experienced commissioning consultant with deep knowledge of building energy using systems and their operations and interactions


    • Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering), Oregon State University, United States

    • Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Oregon
    • Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Nevada
    • ACG-Certified Commissioning Authority
    • LEED AP Building Design and Construction (BD+C)
    • Member, American Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

    • Building Automation Systems
    • Building mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
    • Commissioning
    • Design and submittal reviews
    • Education facilities
    • Energy efficiency
    • Large-scale performance venues
    • Operation of sensitive facilities
    • Specification writing
    • System performance testing optimization
    • Testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB)