Profile of Kevin Peddie

Kevin Peddie
Regional Manager | Associate

Kevin is a respected engineer whose project experience includes more than 1,000 buildings, neighbourhoods and campuses across Australasia and the Middle East. Our clients benefit in particular from the depth of Kevin’s expertise in the modeling of pedestrian wind and of natural ventilation in tall buildings. He has undertaken extensive research in modeling techniques to ensure the accurate prediction of airflow movement, and is skilled in on-site verification of natural ventilation performance after buildings are occupied. Kevin’s exceptional modeling capabilities have also helped clients around the world effectively address stack effect in skyscrapers. In addition to his building performance work, Kevin has consulted with numerous councils in Australia on the development of their wind comfort criteria to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for pedestrians.

An experienced engineer whose advanced modeling work enhances natural ventilation and manages stack effect in tall buildings


    • Master of Engineering Management, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical), University of Sydney, Australia

    • Member, Australasian Wind Engineering Society
    • Member, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Annual Conference Steering Committee Australia (2017), Dubai (2018)
    • Regular presenter at industry conferences and workshops

    • Aeroacoustics
    • Natural ventilation design
    • Pedestrian comfort and safety
    • Stack effect
    • Tall buildings
    • Ventilation
    • Wind effects on structural systems
    • Wind engineering