Profile of Ken Roko

Ken Roko
Technical Director | Associate Principal

During his two decades of work in the building enclosure field, Ken has analyzed the effects of humidity and temperature on wall and roof assemblies throughout the world. Our clients benefit in particular from his expertise in roofing, waterproofing and air barriers. Ken’s project portfolio includes historic preservation projects, exterior restoration, cladding systems, curtain walls, below-grade and horizontal waterproofing systems. A respected leader in the building enclosure industry, Ken is regularly called to provide expert witness testimony, and was recently part of a team of experts who edited and updated the Below-grade Waterproofing, Vegetated Roofs and Roofing sections of the Whole Building Design Guide ( commissioned by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)

An experienced building enclosure consultant whose background combines architecture and structural engineering


    • Bachelor of Science (Architectural Technology), New York Institute of Technology, United States
    • Master of Science (Architectural Engineering; specialization: Structural Engineering), Pennsylvania State University, United States

    • Member, American Institute of Architects
    • Member, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
    • Member, American Architectural Manufacturers Association
    • Member, National Roofing Contractors Association
    • Founding Member and Current Chair, Portland Building Enclosure Council
    • Member, Air Barrier Association of America

      • Terminations and Flashings Committee
      • Air Leakage Testing Committee
    • Annual lecturer, Roofing Systems, University of Oregon

    • Air barriers
    • Architecture
    • Building enclosure detailing
    • Commercial towers
    • Existing-building performance reporting
    • Historic buildings
    • Hygrothermal analysis
    • Institutional facilities
    • Residential towers
    • Laboratories
    • Hospitals
    • Roofing
    • Structural engineering
    • Vegetated roofs
    • Waterproofing