Profile of Joseph Symes

Joseph Symes
Project Manager

Joseph is a project manager with our UK loads and effects team, whose work focuses on wind loading and aerodynamic stability for tall buildings, stadia and long-span bridges. He brings particular depth of expertise to our wind tunnel testing work. He was jointly responsible for the design and commissioning of our UK wind tunnel, and his exceptional knowledge of wind tunnel methodologies delivers particular value to clients whose projects require unusual studies. Joseph has contributed insight and analysis to the engineering of notable structures around the world, including the U.S. embassy in London and the innovative operable fabric roof on the Al Wakrah SC Stadium in Qatar.

A loads and effects specialist with exceptional knowledge and experience of wind tunnel testing methodologies


    • PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
    • Master of Engineering (Civil), University of Bristol, United Kingdom

    • Member, UK Wind Engineering Society
    • Presenter at industry and academic conferences
    • Presenter in RWDI’s popular webinar series (Europe & Middle East)

    • Aerodynamic stability
    • Aeroelastic testing
    • Cladding wind loads
    • Long-span bridges
    • Stadia
    • Structural wind loads
    • Tall buildings
    • Wind-induced motion
    • Wind tunnel testing
    • Wind tunnel testing methodologies